Wisdom Family Foundation is Honored to Support Project Access in their Mission to Provide Equal Opportunities for Students Without Housing – September 2014

“The Wisdom Family Foundation has offered hope, a chance for school success and a promising future to hundreds of U-46 children in need. The continued support through their generous donations have paid for laptops, scholarships, outdoor education field trips, school instrument rentals, dance lessons, field trips to Springfield, emergency transportation to doctors, clinics, hearing aid checkups, sports equipment and the list goes on. With all this being said, the generosity of the Wisdom Family Foundation has offered hope and a level playing field to these most vulnerable students, but most importantly, they have shown these children that there are people that care about them, their lives and future and that their community is a good caring place with wonderful caring people.”

~ Maggie Schroeder, Project Access Coordinator

Project Access removes barriers for access to equal education and serves children in the School District U-46 community that have no housing to call their own. Whether they are victims of generational poverty or have fallen on hard times, their wishes are to have the same experiences, opportunities, and chances for a promising future as their housed peers. Engaging children in learning is complicated and is so much more than sitting in a classroom.